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How We Started... 

Creative Corner is a non-profit started by our President, Luckey Necole Curry. Her love for theatre and passion for wanting to help people is how the organization obtained its purpose. The purpose of the Creative Corner is to use a portion of all money received from stage play productions as a charitable donation to local non-profit organizations to help them make a difference in our communities in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Her passion and devoted founding board members birthed Creative Corner Productions. This non-profit 501(C)(3)  organization aims to leave its mark in the Dallas- Fort Worth area while doing social good and servitude. Our organization was officially formed at the end of 2019 but was quickly halted due to a world pandemic. Now that we are rebuilding, we are thriving and ready to leave our footprint on the world. 

Who We Are...

The Creative Corner is organized and structured based on rules and regulations implemented by executive board members, where 100% of members donate to the organization yearly because of their strong belief in the organization's vision.

We are the product of a community coming together for a common purpose. Without our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, this organization would not be able to function as a proud part of our metroplex.
Our focus is live art but being a blessing to the community. Our target areas of lives we seek to impact are at-risk youth, low-income communities, senior citizens, minorities, local charities, schools, and all forms of artists.

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