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45 Day Annual Fundraiser

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Help our theatre raise funds to bring forth new programs to enhance our communities!

Funds raised will help us run three new programs to help our children!

1. Young DFW Writes -  A program that promotes literacy excellence among writers aged 14-30 through live performance combined with an anthology to help our young local writers become published authors. 

2. Playwrights Literacy Art Yard  (PLAY) - A program that supports texas playwrights through a festival that helps them workshop an original one-act play and then produced it on stage for our local original production festival.

3. Poetry In The Park-  A program that allows children 18 and under to be a part of a tribe of performers that will battle in a poetry slam. This event focuses more on team building and functionality not just on the performances. The winning team must learn how to build a successful team, resolve conflict in a positive manner and grow as a unit for the greater good of the team. 

This is the one time of year when we ask for money and it's for a great cause! We want to give back to the at-risk teens and children in the Dallas Fort Worth Communities.

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