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Our Community Is Our Priority!

The best way to be a force to help the community is by being in the community! Here is what we are currently doing to bring new art and thrive!

We empower children, seniors, writers, performers, artists and the community.

Our Programs

Young DFW Writes

A program that promotes literacy excellence among writers aged 14-30 through live performance combined with an anthology to help our young local writers become published authors. 

Playwrights Literacy Art Yard  (PLAY)

A program that supports texas playwrights through a festival that helps them workshop an original one-act play and then produced it on stage for our local original production festival.

Poetry In The Park

This program supports at-risk teens and children by giving them a common goal of Slam Poetry Battle. The purpose of this program is to teach team-building exercises and the importance of working as a team to achieve goals. Three teams come to battle but winners are not decided solely on the performance of slam poetry, the winning team is chosen based on four categories. Team-building skills, positive conflict resolution, team structure,  and performances in the poetry.

Senior Living Tour

A program that allows our theatre to do two productions as a tour for senior citizens.  These productions are performed at the senior citizen living facility as we bring two dynamic shows a year to them for "A Night At The Theatre".

For More Info on programs email

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