Yo! Theatre

 Yo! Theatre is designed to help students in grades 6th -12th increase their writing abilities by inspiring youth to write more. We will provide writing workshops and contest-leading adolescents and teenagers to produce their own stage productions.

We also provide performance training while learning the multiple styles of poetry.  Yo! Theatre will be where young artists can grow, learn and create. Yearly we will produce a minimum of three-stage plays written by youth, have a poetry slam battle designed for youth, and at least one youth musical performed by youth.

     This year will be our pilot program, and we expect to empower at least  200 students within the year. Writing contests will get students writing and creating. The workshops will help them perfect their creativity and prepare it for production. Once in production, students will increase their abilities by acting, running tech, becoming stage managers, and assistant directors. The slam poetry battle will help children write and perform or write and see their vision of words come to life with help from their peers. Team building is our most empowering task in Yo! Theatre! Our achievements will be three youth stage play productions, one poetry slam battle, and two writing workshops dedicated to Theatre and Poetry.

Yo! Theatre is designed to eliminate the stigma & prejudice against race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, social economics, mental health, and discrimination.

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